Spray Fiberglass Insulation in Vernal, UT

Fiberglass has been the standard insulating material for decades and for good reason—it provides an effective thermal barrier and reduces the amount of energy you need to maintain a comfortable temperature in any building. The Barton Insulation team has experience offering quality spray fiberglass installation in Vernal, UT, slowing the passage of moisture, heat and sound while reducing your energy bills.

Spray Fiberglass Installation

When properly installed, blow-in fiberglass insulation in Vernal, UT provides a highly effective thermal and moisture barrier that helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or business. It’s a safe material that resists fire, mold, mildew and more. Our team of professional installers use a specially designed electric blower to install loose fibers or pellets of fiberglass insulation. While this method is not new, it provides plenty of excellent benefits when installed the right way.

Why Blow-In Fiberglass?

The primary reason home- and business-owners choose blow-in fiberglass insulation is that it’s highly flexible in terms of installation. Our insulation professionals provide the correct depth and density for optimum resistance to heat, cold and moisture. This comprehensive coverage is especially useful if your building has irregular joint spacing or spaces with lots of obstructions.

The insulation settles in and fills gaps easily, offering an effective barrier in even the trickiest of spaces. Our team makes sure every cavity is filled to optimum levels so that you can feel confident your property is protected from extreme temperatures and moisture.

Fiberglass Batt Installation

We install the top brands of fiberglass batt insulation, including Owens Corning and Knauf Batts. We offer these brands because they deliver superior comfort and unmatched thermal and acoustical performance. Our expert technicians make sure you get the right thickness in the right places, tightly fitting each piece to form a complete thermal barrier for your home or business.

Fiberglass Keeps You Comfortable

Fiberglass is a highly effective insulating material when installed the right way. Contact us today at 435-790-7205 to learn more about this simple yet effective thermal barrier.